Wynn vows to spend $1.6b to clean up new Massachusetts Casino site

Last month, several major casino companies were vying for a single license to open a resort casino in Massachusetts. In the end, Wynn Resorts won the battle, mostly attributed to the company’s location of choice and considerable financial contributions that would come with it. Electing to clean up the polluted 30 acre plot in Everett that was once the Monsanto Chemical Co., Wynn vowed to spend approximately $1.6 billion cleaning up the area before beginning the construction phase of the new casino.

It took the Massachusetts Gambling Commission 5 drudging days to debate which company offered the most alluring proposal deserving of the sole Greater Boston casino license authorized by the state. Mohegan Sun at Suffolk Downs had introduced an attractive proposal, but in the end it was the economic and environmental benefits of CEO Steve Wynn’s proposition that won the company a 3 to 1 vote from the commission.

Not only was Wynn willing to clean up the long-standing hazardous waste on Everett’s waterfront and build upon its landscape a pristine casino resort, he introduced stronger financial planning and a more robust structure that would benefit the Greater Boston area in more ways than one. Aside from being a major attraction for tourists, the projected casino would offer a much higher rate of employment for locals, as well as a higher payroll. If that weren’t enough, Wynn amended his proposal in the eleventh hour to include a commitment to resolve the inevitable traffic congestion that would develop at the Sullivan Square in Charlestown, which has already presented a problem for quite some time.

With the casino license issued on September 15th, Wynn Resorts is now advancing its plan to build the new Massachusetts casino by first addressing the polluted tract of land along the Mystic River in Everett, overlooking Boston. Robert DeSalvio, Senior Vice President of Development for Wynn Resorts, along with other figureheads from the Las Vegas-based casino company, is schedule to speak on the matter this evening at Tufts University.

According to company officials, due to years of industrial use, the 30 acre plot of waterfront property has been tested positive for various dangerous chemicals, including arsenic, lead and copper, among others. Once the property is eviscerated of all hazardous materials, Wynn will be clear to start the construction phase of the new casino in Massachusetts.

The gambling establishment is expected to be designed in the most affluent nature. Steve Wynn’s reputation for opulence precedes him; responsible for some of the most extravagant and luxurious destination resort casinos in the world, including the Wynn and Encore in Las Vegas, as well as the Wynn and Encore in Macau.

Supporters of the new casino in Everett couldn’t be more pleased with Wynn and his pending commitments. “I’m grateful and thrilled and exhausted,” said one lifelong resident of Everett, Linda Maloney, a 60 year old secretary who had been closely following the commission’s deliberations on TV. “Now a new journey begins for us, because the casino is coming to Everett.” Maloney’s statements were echoed by countless others from the area  who are already intent on applying for a job at the new casino.