WagerGaming Review

Wager Gaming has changed over the years. It began life back in 1998 when it was known as Odds On Gaming, but after a number of years it changed to Vegas Technologies before then converting to its current name. Not a lot is known about the company except that they are based in Antigua and seem to know what they are doing. Their software has been utilized by countless casino websites over the years and it is also one of the most popular casino technologies with players.

Wager Gaming can be downloaded onto your PC and played as a standalone product, which means that you dont need to be logged into your web browser or into the casino website in oder to play, and it can also be played directly through your browser. It can not be installed on all operating systems, but those who run systems unable to install the software can simple play it through their browser as the games are all Flash-based.

The software is very quick and well laid out. Upon opening it and signing in, players can choose to play from a number of categories, including Slots, Table Games, Video Poker, Tournaments and more. Many of the slot games have at least 30 pay lines and most of them come with their own themes, bonuses, wilds and multipliers.

The slot machines are one of the main plus points of these software. There are so many to choose from that even the most experienced of gamblers will never be left wanting. Not all of the games have large jackpots and bonus rounds, but many of them do. The progressive slots offer something a little different, with a single pay line and a jackpot that continues to build and build as you play. The best progressive slot game is probably Red White and Win, which is easy to understand and comes with the potential to win a very large sum of money. If you love horse racing, then Win Place or Show, another progressive slot game, might tickle your fancy with its medium stakes horse-themed gambling. Other progressive slots that are worth playing include Mega Money Mine Slots and Pay Dirt Slots.

If you prefer a bit more complexity to your slot games, then the Video Slots could be just what you are looking for. These highly graphical and advanced slot games come with large jackpots, loads of pay lines and between 3 and 5 reels. Dare Devil Dave Slots is one of the best games in this category and Agent Cash seems to be one of the most popular, both of these have bonus rounds and extra ways that you can win. To take it up another step then try Jurassic Slots, a game with a huge jackpot where the bonus rounds come in four stages.

Reel slots offer something that nestles between the two slot categories previously mentioned. These slots are 3 reel and reminiscent of the classic arcade slots. The pay tables are simple and more often than not you just need to match three symbols in a row to win the money, with the prize increasing depending on which symbols you match. Casino Grab Slots is probably the pick of the bunch as it comes with wild symbols and a decent jackpot. Turkey Time Slots and Haunted Reel Slots are also well worth a go, both are well designed and very enjoyable to play.

Wager Gaming is well known for its choice of video poker games, and there are six different video poker games available. The best of these is probably Multihand Joker Poker, a fairly complex and highly enjoyable game of video poker. Aces and Faces is also worth a look in, providing a simpler, but still very enjoyable simulation of the game. Poker is very much a skill-based game, requiring good knowledge and wise choice to play correctly, but video poker tends to even out the skill and the luck, creating a game that even the poorest and less knowledgeable of poker players can enjoy and excel at.

Wager Gaming also provides an assortment of table games, from the simplicity and luck-based games of craps and roulette, where the fate of your wallet or bank account can be decided on a single spin of the wheel or toss of the dice, to the more skill-based games of blackjack and baccarat, which require thought, knowledge and intuition. There is something to please everyone here.

Overall, Wager Gaming is a very intuitive and slick looking casino software. Its not up to par with those offered by some of the bigger names in the industry, but with its huge assortment of unique slots, packed with bonus rounds, multipliers and large jackpots, and a varied collection of table games, the Wager Gaming software is certainly up there with the best of them and its easy to see how this company has been in business for so long.