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Owner of Ohio Gas Station charged for running Illegal Gambling Operation

Ohio is teeming with gambling opportunities. From the state-run lottery to pari-mutuel horse racing, myriad slot machine themes to blackjack, roulette and video poker; there are plenty of ways to get your wager on in the Buckeye State. Unfortunately, some forms of betting fall into the category of illegal gambling, and that’s exactly what got … Read More

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Questionable AGA report detailing value of Florida Casinos under fire

There are two distinct sides in the debate about gambling – those who are all for it, based on the revenue it generates for federal, state and local taxes, and those who are completely against it due to economic and social impacts. The American Gaming Association (AGA) is one of the largest organizations that supports … Read More

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Foxwoods Casino to downgrade gaming in favor of new attractions, nightclubs

Recent studies have shown that the younger generation of Las Vegas visitors tends to favor nightclubs and other entertainment venues to gambling. That trend is now being considered at casinos across the nation, particularly the Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut, the largest casino in North America. Officials at Foxwoods have announced that they intend to … Read More

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Casino expansion major topic for upcoming Florida Gaming Congress

With elections approaching next month and plenty of legislative opposition on both sides of the matter, Florida Gov. Rick Scott has declined to make any moves in regards to expanding the casino gambling industry in the Sunshine State. As such, he’ll have time to gather the opinions of operators, regulators, fellow politicians and anti-gambling activists … Read More

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