Miami Club Casino’s Beat the Bank Slot strikes $256k Jackpot

In life, we all get a little lucky sometimes. When it comes to online casino slots, most of us take that bit of luck and walk away happy with some extra c-notes in our pocket, or maybe even a few grand to celebrate with. For one lucky regular at Miami Club Casino, known only as “Gail”, when things started going her way, she decided to see just how lucky she could get. Before long, Gail was the proud recipient of a massive $256,000 jackpot.

It is easily one of the most inspiring stories to come out of the online casino industry in quite some time. We hear about players who turn a few dollars into a big jackpot win after just a few spins of the reels, but Gail’s story is different. In her case, it was her persistence that iced the cake.

Gail said that she had originally logged onto Miami Club Casino to play a little of her favorite game, Jacks or Better video poker. After a few minutes with no luck, she switched over to another game that had recently caught her interest, Beat the Bank. She kept her wagers low, playing just $0.50 per spin on the cops-and-robbers themed video slot. Almost immediately she struck the Free Game feature, which awards 15 free spins with 3x payouts on all winning combinations.

By the time those 15 spins had finished playing out, Gail had won herself an extraordinary $7,500; “…that gave me the confidence to increase my wagers,” she said while explaining the story of her lucrative venture at the online casino. She started by betting $50 per spin, then increasing to $75, then $100 and eventually all the way up to the maximum bet of $250 per spin.

At that point, she triggered the online slot machine’s most valuable, name-sake bonus feature. When this munificent Beat the Bank bonus is activated, the player is presented with two safes. Picking the right safe awards a prize and the option to make another 1-of-2 selection, while picking the wrong safe sets off the police sirens and sends the player to jail (i.e., back to the original game mode with nothing to show for it).

“I knew that if I picked the wrong safe the alarm would ring and I’d be busted! I could have quit while I was ahead,” Gail said, “but I just kept picking safes and before I knew it I had guessed seven safes correctly and won $32,000!”

Gail wasn’t ready to stop at $7,500, nor was she willing to call it quits after the impressive $32k win. More determined than ever to see just how far her luck would take her, she kept right on spinning the reels at Miami Club Casino. It took just two more spins, both at the max $250 bet, to trigger the Beat the Bank feature once more. Gail started picking safes, and was again correct in every selection, but she didn’t stop at 7 this time around. She actually managed to pick all 10 safes without getting busted, awarding a prize of 1,024x the bet that triggered the bonus game. Thus the highest possible prize of $256,000 was awarded.

“I’ve been playing that game for a while now,” said Gail, “been close a number of times. It’s like those guys you see chasing the big catfish in the creek. You know it’s there; someone’s got to get it. I’m just so happy it was me!”

Miami Club Casino’s Manager of Player Relations, Stephen Vaughn, seemed almost as excited as Gail after the massive jackpot win. “We knew something was going on. We’d seen Gail win a few times that evening and she was really going for it,” Vaughn said. “But watching her get the ten in a row correct was a treat for all of us. We’d never seen that happen. She was betting the game maximum so it was a huge result. Really exciting for us — the whole place is still buzzing!”