Miami casino fans celebrate maiden voyage of Bimini SuperFast

October 14th, 2014marked the maiden voyage of the new Miami casino cruise ship, the Bimini SuperFast. A fast ferry designed for up to 1,500 passengers and equipped with multiple entertainment venues, including a fully stocked casino, club, lounge and café, the 10-deck party ship sets sail daily at 9:00am from Fort Lauderdale, destined for Bimini, just 3 hours east of Miami, Florida in the Bahamas. Whether passengers want to spend a few hours, a few days, or a full week or more on the islands, the Bimini SuperFast is the latest and greatest way to get there.

Before the vessel even departs, the resonance of festivities can already be heard from Club 360, the uppermost lounge located on the top deck, where the beat of hip-hop music encourages passengers to take full advantage of the open-air dance floor. Just below, on the 9th deck, the outdoor café is serving up specialties as a live band prepares to entertain the crowd. Below that, the Paradise Lounge is already mixing cocktails, despite the early hour, and on the 7th deck, the Miami casino is filled to the brim with eager gamers waiting for the slots, tables and sports book to open up approximately 45 minutes into the voyage (once the fast ferry hits international waters).

This is a typical morning on the new Bimini SuperFast, which pulls into the docks of North Bimini around noon each day. The cost of voyage isn’t all that expensive either when compared to your typical king-size casino cruise liners. The standard price for a day cruise will cost 3-figures, but Bimini SuperFast is currently running promotions which cut the cost to as low as $49.50 per person. Same-day purchase, referred to as ‘Instant Cruising’, is available as well, although passengers are required to show up at least 2 hours before departure (7:00am) to use this option. Boarding begins at 7:30am.

The casino is a highlight of the Bimini SuperFast, located on Deck 7. It features 78 slot machines from major manufacturers like Atronics, Bally, IGT and Williams, with denominations ranging from $0.01 to $25. Players are encouraged to enquire of the host about regular free slots tournaments and free-play giveaways. The casino’s table games menu includes popular titles like blackjack, baccarat, craps and roulette. And for sports fans, the Miami casino also features a Las Vegas style sports book with dozens of flat screens, real-time tickers and live updates, offering everything from straight bets to parlays, teasers and futures. Sports betting is available on all professional and collegiate level baseball, basketball, football, golf, hockey and soccer games.

The 1500-passenger fast ferry was built in 2001, originally titled the SuperFast VI and operated by Superfast Ferries. In 2013, Resorts World, a subsidiary of the Asian casino company, Genting Group, purchased the vessel and rebranded it as Bimini SuperFast. The company also happens to own Resorts World Bimini Bay (also equipped with a massive casino floor), which was acquired in 2012, making it possible to establish inexpensive package deals for passengers of the fast ferry who wish to book an over-night stay in the Bahamas. Packages start at $219 per person with a 2-night stay minimum.