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Miami Club Casino is operated by Deckmedia N.V who have been going strong since 2007. Miami Club Casino isnt their first online casino and it probably wont be their last, they run a total of 8 online casinos and utilize 4 different software providers in a number of different languages. Deckmedia N.V are a strong, capable and trusted brand that has established itself on the world stage. They have happy customers all over the world and, with Miami Club Casino, are committed to providing a service that typically troubled US customers can take advantage of.

All of the casinos run by Deckmedia NV are different and many of them use different technologies. Miami Club Casino is one of the newer and most hyped casinos, one that promises to stand out from the rest, but the range of online casinos run by Deckmedia NV is clear proof that they known what theyre doing in this industry.

The Deckmedia N.V company is based in Curacao which is a Dutch settlement, and therefore Miami Club Casino operates legally under the law laid out but the Central Government of THE Netherlands Antilles. Curacao is the largest island of the Netherlands Antilles and was founded back in the 17th century when the Dutch achieved independence from Spain and began to colonize the country. In 2010, Curacao became a constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, which means that it is still part of the Netherlands and still operates under their laws and jurisdictions.

Curacao were one of the first countries to regulate online gambling, providing a base for businesses all over the world. Operators need a license from Curacao to run an online casino there, but these licenses are fairly easy to obtain. They are also fairly simple and one license covers everything that an online casino needs, from skill games to games of chance. Miami Club Casino are not the first business to be regulated by the government of Curacao, they have been doing this since 1993 and many large and successful websites operate out of this little piece of paradise just off the coast of South America.

Online gambling is not legal in the US, but as Miami Club Casino are not based in the US, they can avoid these restrictions. Players may struggle to fund into or withdraw from their gambling accounts, but Miami Club Casino make this process easy and seamless and they concentrate their efforts on US players, understanding just how difficult it can be for them. Although US players are free to join this website, the same can not be said for players for equally restrictive countries in the Middle East and Far East. Players are advised to check their local gambling laws before signing up to the website.

In terms of security, Miami Club Casino are fully accredited and offer 128 bit SSL data encryption, which means that your password, username and other personal information will be private at all times, as it should be. You dont need to worry about inputting your bank details or credit card details either, as most of the deposit and withdrawal options are done through third part payment providers such as NETteller and Skrill, but if you do wish to use the wire transfer option (as recommended for US customers) then you can rest assure that your information is safe with Miami Club Casino and their software.

Miami Club Casino have a dedicated fraud detection and prevention program, which keeps the fraudsters away from the service and ensures that everything is as clean and as legal as it can be. If for some reason you fall foul of their fraud detection system, then just send them a photo ID and other information that they request. Providing that you are who you say you are and your credit card number matches your name, then youll be okay.

Miami Club Casino is fair and uses a Random Number Generator to decide the outcome of any event. This system is regularly audited to ensure that no one, including Miami Club Casino  themselves, can guess the outcome. If you find that you are gambling too much and may have a problem, then you can also take advantage of Miami Club Casinos Responsible Gambling Program to set deposit limits or self exclusions. They have many links on their website which can provide help for people in these situations. If you have any other issues, or if you simply want to chat with the staff at Miami Club Casino and Deckmedia NV, then you can get in touch with them through email, social media or even Skype. They are usually more than happy to accommodate quizzical customers and offer a very friendly and reliable customer support service. You can also contact them by direct mail, but bear in mind that their offices are based in Curacao.

Overall, although it may seem hard to believe at first (certainly as far as US players are concerned) Miami Club Casino operate well within the law and are just as professional and competent as you would expect from an experienced and successful online casino enterprise.

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