Fort Pierce Jai Alai and Poker

Located in Miami, Florida, Fort Pierce Jai Alai and Poker has been open since 1926, providing a premium entertainment and gambling venue for locals and tourists alike. Fort Pierce Jai Alai and Poker is owned by Phoenix-based company Miami Casino Management, LLC, and offers gaming, poker and Jai Alai under one roof.

Jai Alai is not very well known to those living outside of Florida or the Basque region (where this sport originated) but it is a huge gambling and spectator sport in the Sunshine State and Fort Pierce Jai Alai and Poker is proud to call itself the largest Jai Alai venue in the world, which is no small feat.

The Fastest Sport in the World

The name Jai Alai was first coined towards the end of the nineteenth century, but this game, and its many variants, had been popular throughout the Basque region for many years before that. The game is played with a ball that weighs around 140 grams, and it is known as “the fastest sport in the world” because of the speed that this ball can travel, having been clocked at a record rate of 188 miles per hour. Jai Alai is typically played between two competing teams, but can also be played in other ways. The game takes place in a room that resembles a squash court or a real-tennis court.

The spectators at Fort Pierce Jai Alai and Poker can bet on the outcome of the game, or on a number of other factors. At the time of writing, Fort Pierce Jai Alai and Poker has just finished its 40th season of Jai Alai action, but there are new seasons and new games cropping up all of the time. The live performances typically take place on Friday and Saturday, with a matinee at noon and an evening event several hours later. Admission is free and there is also free onsite parking near to the venue. There are front courts and back courts at the venue with some of the best Jai Alai players from all over the world competing.

Streaming Action

If you miss the live Jai Alai games at the Fort Pierce Jai Alai and Poker, then head on over to the simulcasting rooms. Here you can bet on dozens of races and games from all across the United States and Canada. There are banks of flat screen television available for you to watch the games unfold and there are also private betting carrels and helpful tellers on hand to assist you.

Simulcasting is available here 7 days a week, running into the small hours of the morning, so whatever is happening and wherever it is happening, you’re sure not to miss it. There are horse races, greyhound races, harness races and more, with all of the biggest venues in the country covered. If you want a heads-up on what’s showing then check out the simulcasting schedule before you pay them a visit.

Aces Up

The Fort Pierce Poker Room, like the rest of the facility, is open 7 days a week. The action begins at 11am on Monday through to Thursday, and it doesn’t stop until Midnight. The venue is open even later on Friday and Saturday and it is open all day on Sunday. The Fort Pierce Poker Room has one of the largest selections of games available in the state, including the more popular games of limit and no limit Texas Hold’em, to Seven Card Stud and an assortment of Straight and Hi-Lo games.

Sunday is one of the best and busiest days for poker at Fort Pierce Jai Alai and Poker. Sundays at 4PM is a multi-table add-on event with one of the largest number of entrants and biggest prize structures. A similar event is also held every Saturday at 3pm and Wednesday at 7pm, whilst the Friday Night Tournament is also well worth its buy-in of just $35. This is a re-entry and add-on tournament, alloying you to buy back in every time you get knocked out during the first hour, so feel free to let loose and take as many risks as you want.

Food and drink is served to all poker players at the Fort Pierce Poker Room and there is also a Happy Hour which runs from 4pm to 7pm on Monday through to Thursday, offering reduced prices on all snacks and drinks.

If you find yourself in the sun-drenched city of Miami with little to do, or if you’re thirsty for some excitement and an experience like no other, then the Fort Pierce Jai Alai and Poker could be just what you need. The poker room isn’t the biggest, but the Jai Alai here is renowned across the state and there is literally no better place to experience this popular Floridian past-time.