Robber follows Baccarat winner home from casino, steals $8k

Located in Hollywood, Florida, almost halfway between Fort Lauderdale and Miami, the Seminole Classic Casino gets a great deal of visitors from some of the state’s most populated areas. It is generally viewed as a place of gambling entertainment and merriment. For one lucky baccarat player, what started as a magnificent night out with $8,000 in winnings to show for it has ended by leaving a very bad taste in her mouth.

The woman, who has elected to remain anonymous, was playing at the baccarat tables at the casino and had an immense stroke of luck; for the most part. She was up $8k by the time she decided to call it quits. What she didn’t know was that a would-be assailant lurked in the shadows, watching her bankroll grow ever larger as the night drew on.

Bypassing the cashier cage, the woman exited the casino and began driving home. According to the story she gave news reporters afterwards, she had sensed that she was being followed by another car by the time she got to Striling Road in Davie, where her house was located. Rather than driving to a safer location (something that is arguably easier to consider after the fact), she continued on, pulling into her driveway.

Parked a mere 30 feet from her front door, she exited the vehicle and walked quickly to the door. Just as she stepped inside and attempted to close the door, she heard a man’s voice say “excuse me ma’am”. Before she could close the door completely, he grabbed the handle and forced the door back open. She told police that he took a swing at her, aiming for her face, but she ducked and took the blow in the shoulder instead. He then grabbed her purse, snatched it from her and ran towards his vehicle.

The victim got wise at that point, not only calling the police, but also reporting the theft to the Florida casino. She informed them that she had $8,000 worth of chips in the purse, along with $300-$400 in cash. She gave a description of the culprit to the authorities and the casino. As it turns out, it was her choice not to cash in her chips before leaving the Florida gambling establishment that resulted in a quick arrest of the alleged assailant.

23 year old Del’Jimmyo Wright-Johnson walked into the Seminole Classic Casino just a short time later attempting to cash almost $3,000 worth of chips. The employee asked him to provide some personal information, including an ID card. Wright-Johnson went back to his car to retrieve the requested documents, and upon his return, was greeted by a police officer, who proceeded to arrest the young man on charges of home invasion and grand theft.

The evidence against Wright-Johnson began stacking up immediately. Police were able to identify him by observing the security surveillance videos in the casino. The assailant was clearly seen watching his victim at the baccarat table that night as she racked up thousands in winnings, and was also seen following her out the door of the casino into the parking lot. Reports also indicate that the victim’s purse was found in his car.

Further complicating matters for the alleged robber is a strikingly similar criminal past. Wright-Johnson is currently on probation for another grand theft charge. Court records show that, back in June, he was arrested and found guilty after blatantly stealing another $8,000 in chips right off one of the tables at the Florida’s nearby Seminole Hard Rock Casino. Wright-Johnson is currently behind bars, having been denied bond for being arrested while on probation.