How to Deposit at Miami Club

Miami Club Casino features a number of different ways for you to deposit your money. If you’re based in the US then you’ll understand just how difficult it can be to both deposit and withdraw your money on online casino or poker sites, but Miami Club Casino was created with US players in mind so this process has been simplified.

The deposit options include Skrill, NETteller, Ecocard and money transfer, but not all of these are available if you reside in the US or Canada, and restrictions may also apply to players in China and other countries where online gambling is heavy restricted. The deposit options have been explained in detail below:


Launched in 2001 and based out of London, England, Skrill is an e-commerce business that operates all over the world and used to be known as Moneybookers before being changed in 2013. Skrill is popular with both customers and merchants and can be used to send and receive payments in 41 different currencies. It is the popular choice for many websites and is also widely used on gambling and poker sites, which means that any money won on one site and transferred into Skrill, can then be deposited directly and instantly into another website.

Skrill is very popular with customers and is often ranked as one of the best payment services on the market. Skrill stopped supporting US customers in 2013, so if you’re from the US then you are advised to look elsewhere when depositing money into your Miami Club Casino account.

You can sign up for Skrill at


NETteller is another British-based company that is used all over the world. It was created in Canada but currently resides in the Isle of Man. NETteller has been used in conjunction with online gambling sites for nearly 15 years, so it is a very trustworthy and reliable payment provider. Residents in certain countries are restricted from using NETteller due to gambling regulations.

Go to to sign up for your free NETteller account.


The EcoCard is a payment service provided by EcoPayz. Anyone can apply for an EcoCard and the process is very quick and simple. There are no credit checks and you don’t need to provide your bank account details or other financial information. The EcoCard works separately from your bank account and allows you to spend money all over the world using multiple currencies. The setup process is free and you can manage your account online, allowing you to check on your finances at all times. EcoCard is a great solution for anyone who doesn’t want to use their bank account but still wants to keep a close eye on their incomings and outgoings.

To apply for an EcoCard, go to and follow the instructions.

Money Transfer:

A money transfer is a simple and effective solution that has provided gamblers, customers and merchants with a useful alternative for many years. Money transfers are safe, easy and quick to setup. There are many different companies out there that offer you simple solutions when it comes to money transfers, the most popular of which is Western Union which was established over 150 years ago and is still going strong today. Western Union deals with millions of transfers every week and it operates in all major currencies. There are approximately 10 million regular users of Western Union all over the world. If you have any issues with making a money transfer, the staff at Miami Club Casino will be able to guide you through the process.

Once the money is in your account, then you can start playing straight away. Miami Club Casino has over 150 slot machines and games to choose from, including blackjack, video poker and so much more.

If you win big and are looking to get that money back into your bank account, then the options are more limited. International customers can choose from NETteller, Ecocard and Skrill, but US customers can only withdraw via a wireless transfer and there is a weekly withdrawal limit of $2.000. These limitations won’t effect or deter the vast majority of players as wire transfer is often one of the most preferred withdrawal methods anyway. The weekly withdrawal limit can be an issue, but not when you consider that the money that you don’t withdraw one week, can be in your bank account the next week. If you’re that lucky at the tables or on the slots, then I’m sure you won’t mind waiting a little longer to receive your windfall. The withdrawals are fast and the money will typically reach your bank account within 1 or 2 days, this applies to both US and international customers.