DeckMedia Affiliate Review

The world of casino gambling and online gambling is huge. It is estimated that in Las Vegas alone the casino industry pulls in over $250 million a month, whilst the worldwide profits from online and live gambling combined are well into the trillions of dollars. Not only is this a colossal figure, one that dominates economies all over the world, but it is growing year on year. In Europe and Asia sports books alone bring in billions of dollars, whilst in the US casinos make the lion’s share of the profit. With so much money available it’s no surprise that there are businesses lining up to take their cut, but you don’t need to run a casino or a sports book to get your share of this trillion dollar industry, an affiliate program can get you in without any risk and without any investment.

An affiliate is a web master that advertises another website or business through text links and/or banner ads. When a customer from the affiliated website clicks on one of these banners or links and then joins the website in question, that affiliate will receive a share of the profits. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved, the customer gets access to the content they want, the web master gets a share of the profits without investing any money and the business gets the customers that they need to keep their profits ticking over. Some of the most popular affiliates on the web include Amazon and Google (through the Adwords program) but if you’re content is more adult orientated, or if you appeal to a gaming or gambling crowd, then you’ll attract far more leads advertising online casinos, and one of the best programs out there for doing that is Deckmedia NV.

Deckmedia NV are the company that own and run Miami Club Casino, Slots Capital Casino, Spartan Slots Casino and four other online casinos. They are based out of Curacao in the Netherlands Antilles and have been going strong for a number of years now. Their affiliate program is very straightforward and easy to join, and not only does it come with some fantastic incentives, but the depth and range of the Deckmedia NV products also give web masters greater scope when it comes to advertising.

Deckmedia NV run 8 casinos in total and each one is different from the last. They use a number of different casino technologies, all of which are well known in the industry, and they apply a high level of professionalism, customer support and fairness to each website. Not only can you pick and choose which casino you wish to advertise as an affiliate, but due to the fact that they are all different, one lead has the potential to turn into 8 leads as players can sign up for more than one casino.

The Deckmedia NV casinos come in 8 different languages and there are banners to match, allowing you to target a wide range of customers. The main lure of the program is the fact that they allow US customers — some of the biggest casino gamblers in the world — to join their websites.

Deckmedia NV offer some of the best Cost Per Acquisition deals in the industry, including commission that begins at 30% and goes as high as 45%. If you refer other affiliates to the program you can also earn 5% of their commission. The affiliate console is clean, crisp and easy to understand and there are a good number of statistics to pore through, including accurate real-time data that gives you an idea of who your leads are and what they are doing, and player/website reports. Another great feature of this affiliate program is the ability to create landing pages that work in a variety of languages and currencies, which means that you can tailor the pages based on the countries you are targeting, increasing your successful lead percentage.

Deckmedia NV are well known in the industry for providing high levels of customer support, and this also extends to affiliates. There are staff on hand to answer any questions and issues that affiliates may have and not only do they reply with clear and coherent instructions and advice, but their response times are very fast.

Due to restrictions on online gambling and gambling in general, it’s difficult to find a legitimate online casino in the US, but Deckmedia NV operate well within the law, which means the affiliate is not breaking any law by advertising their services. This not only applies to those advertising to US customers, but to affiliates actually based in the US as well. The only issues that US affiliates face when using the Deckmedia NV program is that there is a minimum withdrawal amount of $350 by wire transfer, which comes with a $50 fee, but if the withdrawal amount is over $1000 then there is no fee. These limits do not apply to none US affiliates who have much more choice and much smaller limits, so if you’re based in the US and run a fairly small website, one that doesn’t get a lot of traffic and won’t generate many leads, then you should probably give this one a miss, but if you’re based outside of the US or receive a lot of traffic and foresee many leads, then the Deckmedia NV affiliate program is well worth considering.