Dania Jai Alai Review

Gambling on the Beach

The Dania Jai Alai is a unique gambling venue based in Dania Beach, Florida. Located in Broward County, Dania Beach is a small beachside community renowned for being the home of Sun Air International, American Maritime Officers and Alec Bradley. But this laid-back and friendly location hides an exciting secret that attracts thousands of visitors every year, something far more exciting than a national airline, a labour union and a cigar manufacturer.

 Something Different

The Dania Jai Alai offers racing, poker and Jai Alai for gamblers who are looking for something exciting and new. It is owned by the Boyd Gaming Corporation —founded by Sam Boyd and Bill Boyd —who own 15 similar businesses across the United States, including the Jokers Wild Casino, the California Hotel and Casino and the Borgata in Atlantic City.

The main lure of this venue is the game of Jai Alai, which landed on Florida’s sunny shores a number of years ago and has since become one of the most popular gambling and recreational games in the state.

Although not (as yet) well known in the US, Jai Alai is huge in parts of Europe and its popularity is spreading all over the world. The game hails from the Basque region, an area that encompasses parts of France and Spain, where it is commonly referred to as the “world’s fastest game”. Jai Alai is played in a small enclosed arena, much like a squash court, where the players hurl a ball around at amazing speeds, often well over 100 miles per hour.

Jai Alai is not really seen or played elsewhere in the states, but at Florida, where it is used in parimutuel gambling, it is an institution. If you ever tire of poker or racing then Jai Alai can offer  fantastic and unique gambling alternative. If not, then the Dania Jai Alai has plenty of other activities to keep your mind occupied and your wallet busy.

Bad Beats? No Worries

Bad beats are the bane of every poker player’s existence. Just when you think you have it, when nothing but a miracle can stand in your way, your opponent hits runner-runner cards and leaves you reeling on the rail. But at Dania Jai Alai a bad beat is something to get excited about thanks to their $10.000 Bad Beat Jackpot —so there’s no need to fear being hit by an unlucky streak and no need to get angry when your opponent flops, turns or rivers a long shot.

The Dania Poker Room also features regular bounty hunter tournaments, with buy-ins from as little as $60. In a bounty hunter tournament half of your buy-in goes into the pot whilst the other half goes to the player who knocks you out. These are typically faster-paced than standard tournaments, with players throwing caution to the wind in their eagerness to collect bounties. These tournaments are great for new players and anyone looking for some fast-paced poker fun. All poker players in the Dania Poker Room receive 20% off their food and drink, ensuring that they stay lubricated and well fed during a deep run.

The poker tournaments and cash games run throughout the day, with the first tournaments beginning at 11:30 in the morning and the final ones beginning at seven in the evening. The cash games are open from early until 3 am on Sunday to Thursday, and remain open all day on Friday and Saturday.

More Speed

If Jai Alai doesn’t satisfy your needs for high speed gambling, then the Simulcasting at Dania might. Here you can bet on the biggest horse and dog races all over the world, as far afield as Australia and as close to home as Canada. Simply take a seat, grab a form and watch your horse or dog romp home on one of the many television screens. The race room opens at 11:30am and remains open of much of the day, beaming satellite footage of races all over the world that you can bet on from the comfort of the race room.

Dania may not have its own race course like a few of its Florida competitors, but with so much poker action, and with the unique option of Jai Alai gambling, punters at the Dania Jai Alai won’t feel cheated. The Dania Beach area also offers some hidden gems for tourists looking to escape the tension of the poker room or the race room. Tarks of Dania Beach, located a stone’s throw from the Dania Jai Alai, sells some of the finest seafood dishes for miles around, whilst creamy treats from the locally renowned Jaxson’s Ice Cream Parlor can help you to cool down in the scorching Florida sunshine. Dania Beach might not have the glitz and glamor of Vegas, or even of some of its Floridan counterparts, but it is a great retreat for anyone looking to get some downtime and try something new.